Working on your phone

Working on your phone is underrated, or so I’m coming to realise. For ages now I’ve been procrastinating on my website projects, filled with anxiety when opening my laptop and being faced with a blank screen. The result? No work and no progress. Just vicariously scrolling social media and perving on other people’s websites and case studies. Hmmm. Case study porn.

Anyways, one day recently I got so fed up with myself that I just started writing an article in the notes on my phone. And before I knew it I had something I could put some sexy finishing touches too before posting it on my site.

Funny thing is – I actually enjoyed the process. I felt far less inhibited and the words flowed easily, as if I was writing a text message, leading to a stream of consciousness style experience and connections in the content I probably wouldn’t have made on a bigger blank page. Strange. What causes this weird but deeply pleasurable phenomenon?

I think it might have something to do with my growing tendency to be a crazy tab computer man with about a million of the little buggers open on my screen at any one time. As soon as I open my Brave browser I see all the tabs I had open in my previous session and because I have the attention span of a small cat, I’m soon chasing a spool of thread down a dark but interesting Internet hole, instead of doing the thing I had intended doing – writing an article.

One of the benefits of using a phone for writing is that I’m not ambushed by all these tabs and can focus on the task at hand. The other great thing is that I can still indulge my infinite need for distraction by having different notes for various articles and switching to another topic wherever I’m bored.

So yeah, phones and article writing. Who woulda thunk? As you have probably guessed, this little soliloquy was written on my phone, so yay for that.