Dog owners

I’ve always thought dog owners a strange breed. Walking around with a dog on a lead shouting commands says much about a person’s character. It makes me wonder, are they trying to compensate for something?

Is a feeling of helplessness or disarray in their own lives encouraging them to exert control over an ever-loyal companion? Perhaps this is an unfair take, especially having just adopted a cat myself (who I’ve even tried on a lead for fresh air due to her previous house cat status) and selfishly enjoying the daily love and cuddles.

However, the cat-human connection seems far more symbiotic than the master-subject dog owner dynamic where there is a deeper, more guttural need for an animal to heed its human’s commands.

Interestingly, this is a massive taboo subject and often can’t be discussed or explored rationally with dog owners, who perhaps unsurprisingly, become extremely defensive when their ownership motivations are called into question.